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About Us

We are Toss Creations

We are the Nigerian company, which hands down shoe manufacturing experience from generation to generation. We may proudly tell that all stages of shoe manufacturing process take place in Nigeria. We are a company, whose priority is customers’ satisfaction and constant development. Toss Creations creates shoes with best quality leather, which is trimmed according to our own technologies. Thanks to the careful choice of shoemaker’s and designer's lasts, they are tailored to every single foot. Use of natural materials inside lets Customers enjoy shoes, which really breathe. Toss Creation is one of the most recognizable and highly classified shoe brands in the market. It is confirmed by the annual rankings.

We are flexible

With many years of heritage and industrial experience under our belt, our excellence is reflected in our people, our technical abilities and diversity of our products and craft.

We represent Excellence

Our Mission

To presenting exceptional service and extraordinary programs for every client. To deliver extraordinary events…. To inspire the world with our hard work… To create value and make a difference.

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Our Vision

To remain a sustainable business which fairly rewards all stakeholders, commensurate with their respective interests and contributions. This is to be achieved through meeting the needs of the markets with quality, value-for-money footwear and superior service

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Our Core Value

we are always looking ahead, secure in the knowledge that our experience has brought us the conviction and consistence needed to choose the best paths.

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From our Great Clients